Baie Botanique – a breath of fresh air for skincare

Longing for a beauty routine that will help your skin look radiant, hydrated and firmer everyday without burdening your body with unnecessary chemicals found in mostcosmetic products? Some might say that such a product doesn’t exist. Thereality is that it does. It’s actually made in London. Baie Botanique is an innovative skincare company founded in 2014 by Sophie


5 local Indian superfoods that you need to make a part of your life

When we think of superfoods, we expect them to be exotic and out of reach. But more often than not, the world’s healthiest herbs and spices grow in our own backyards. The thumb-rule of eating healthy is to eat local. Still, we eschew the simple stuff for foods that are hard to get and increase

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10 Herbs,Essential Oils, and Plants That Promote Hair Growth

      Many naturals are skeptical when they see products that claim to grow hair fast, and long. Some companies claims can be deceitful, however there are herbs, and essential oils that actually aid in stimulating hair growth. Here are our top ten herbs and essential oils that promote hair growth.   1. Horsetail